Promotion Policy

Scholastic Area
There will be two terms carrying 100 marks each that will include the following:
Periodic assessments 20 marks each which includes 10 marks for PT's(Periodic Tests) 5 marks for SEA (Subject enrichment activities) i.e, English , Hindi and third language - Assessment of speaking and listening skills, for science / math/ social science and computer project lab activities map work etc. and 5 marks for note book submission (which will be done on following parameters i.e, regularity, punctually, Note book upkeep, work done assignment completion Half yearly examination.
Annual examination 1st term (April to September)
It includes Periodic assessment 1 and half yearly examination.
2nd Term Oct to March
It includes periodic assessment 2 and annual examination.

NOTE :- Student has to pass in totality at the close of the Session with minimum 40% aggregate.